The management of YMC Inc. fully supports and endorses Quality Assurance Programs. Personnel are authorized and directed to maintain strict compliance with specifications, or with the Quality Assurance Program exclusively in the absence of such plans and specifications.

Quality Assurance Programs have been developed by YMC Inc, and are utilized in major construction disciplines including structural, welding, machinery and equipment erection, electrical, instrumentation, insulation, and ASME code work.

It is the policy of YMC Inc. to implement a Quality Assurance Program for all its projects.

A Quality Assurance Program will be designated for your project and will consist of proven procedures and inspections developed by YMC that meet or exceed accepted industrial standards. Additional requirements to comply with special project conditions or owner requirements are added as necessary.

In the engineering phase, drawings, specifications, and engineering documents (criteria, etc) are reviewed for compliance with codes, regulations and company standards of quality. Accordingly, the Quality Assurance Department initiates effective programs that apply to systems, components, and service to assure that quality control activities contribute to production of a quality product.

Inspection and testing are performed in accordance with written procedures and/or with witnessed documentation by the responsible inspector. The responsible inspector prepares inspection reports listing variances to be completed or corrected before approving a facility or system. Records are maintained of all inspection reports showing acceptance for non-conformance and follow-up action as required.